Is Baking With Wax Paper Toxic?

Is Baking With Wax Paper Toxic?

Baking is one of the finest cooking procedures that involves the use of multiple technical elements.

Needless to say, the art of baking your food items requires patience and a lot of hard work.

You have to make sure that proper ingredients and other materials are used. The application of baking paper, as well as parchment paper, is used frequently in baking. 

These papers are used for making cakes, cookies, etc., in order to stop the base from burning.

In fact, there are various types of baking sheets available, and each one of them differs in the best way to use them. It is common to notice the use of wax paper while baking. But is it really safe all the time? 

Let’s unravel some common ideas about the use of wax paper in baking food items.

So can you actually use wax paper for baking in a safe manner?

While there are a few options of different kinds of wax paper, the safest ones to use if you are baking with wax paper is either the food grade wax paper, used in industrial kitchens, or butter paper. If you are using these papers to bake with, there are not any toxins released into your food and you are safe to consume your baked goods. 

What Are The Types Of Wax Paper Available And Is It Safe?

Wax paper is coated with two types of wax-

  • One type of wax paper is the organic wax, which is not so harmful if mixed with your food. This is also known as the food-grade wax.
  • The other type of wax paper is known as the paraffin wax, which is white in color and is extremely harmful when baked.

It is to be noted that paraffin is a product of petroleum. Even if you tend to buy wax paper without the correct knowledge and using it, chances are that you are poisoning the food you are baking directly. Wax paper is said to contain all forms of toxins in it. When you start to bake your favorite items, the wax paper beneath starts to melt and it turns into liquid. This liquid wax paper gets mixed with your food, resulting in immediate food poisoning.

As compared to the use of the wax paper, butter paper is a relatively safer option to use when baking. Since regular wax paper can melt in high temperatures, your food is not at all safe for consumption. The low melting point is too risky, making the wax stick to your favorite item for longer hours. The wax paper can even solidify into your food. Therefore, if you carefully think of replacing the wax paper while baking, it is a good idea to use food-grade wax paper or butter paper as a safer alternative.

These two papers are more or less tested and tried by the food production unit, making them the safest to use.

How Does The Toxic Element Transfer Itself With The Wax Paper?

It is a common tendency for most bakeries, as well as individuals, to switch to the use of wax paper, only because it is more inexpensive to purchase. However, every buyer should ensure that food safety is prioritized when choosing a wax paper to use.

Compromising on your bakeware is not at all a wise idea, due to the fact that you may fall sick when using the wrong kind of wax paper. Consumption of melted wax in any form can turn the tables and completely ruin your dish. Instead, you should try to switch to good quality wax paper for improved results in your baking.

Think about what would happen if you were to suddenly fall ill? Paraffin wax paper is said to create abdominal problems as well when used improperly. You may show signs of vomiting, nausea, extreme pain, and even lethargy. In fact, loss of appetite is a common symptom as well. By placing the wax paper on your baking tray, you are making things worse!

What To Do If The Wax Paper Gets Burned While Baking?

It is best practice to stay away from situations like your wax paper burning while baking. Burning of both paraffin wax paper, as well as food-grade wax paper, is not healthy at all. Although the conditions of usage are pretty simple, the need for proper attention in baking is mandatory.

Wax paper is a mere substitute, in case you do not have normal parchment paper or even butter paper at home. Burning the paper increases the smoking point of the wax, which in turn, produces more toxins that are going into the food. While baking, the high temperature reacts with the toxins, making all the  food potentially poisonous and inedible.

While the appearance of your food might stay the same, the taste and overall quality will be  diminished. Therefore, it is always advised to stop your wax paper from burning, with the following method

  • It would be a good idea to place the baking dish on a normal baking tray, which is filled with warm water. Since you already have the wax placed below your food, the conditions of your food not turning toxic can be prevented with this method. Plus, the wax paper stays safe, without merging into the baking dish.

Therefore, in order to enhance better baking results, try to switch to superior wax papers instead!

How To Tell The Correct Standards Of  Wax Paper For Baking?

Toxic elements present in the wax paper are pretty harmful. When buying any kind of wax paper, you should make sure that the paper passes the basic quality test. This is further elaborated with the help of the following factors:

  • The paper should be transparent, which in contrast, is more or less light yellow, for paraffin wax paper.
  • The wax paper should be certified, meaning that the brand should produce a proper date of manufacturing, expiration date, as well as production and marketing date, on each individual roll.
  • Also, the wax paper should contain the food-grade stamp too, which shows that the paper isn’t too toxic.
  • Lastly, once you choose the wax paper you are comfortable using, try to read more on toxic transmission into your food, so that it is easier to keep your food safe and healthy for consumption.

The Final Thought

If there are hardly any options left for you to choose from at your local store, then using wax paper may be initiated under proper guidance and instructions. This is to ensure that you are not compromising on the taste of your dish, but rather polishing your own baking techniques.

In addition to that, once you start to notice the wax melting, try to stop the baking process, and immediately remove the item. If the wax paper produces smoke, you may also start to have breathing issues. Taking necessary precautions is always a good idea while baking! And as always…Have Fun!!!

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