About Us

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I love to be in the kitchen. Whether it’s cooking or baking or anything having to do with food, sign me up!! I figured if I had questions about cooking then other people might too… So I started this blog to answer those questions. 

Maybe you are an excellent cook but want to learn more about baking or grilling. Maybe you are just starting out…hello takeout… or maybe you just have random questions about food. This site is for you. 

On this site I will do my best to answer every question that I asked myself so hopefully I can save you some time or ruined food in the process. Each article on this site will have one specific goal… to help you be the best cook that you can possibly be.

I want to share my love for all things kitchen and food. I hope you enjoy reading it as I did writing the articles. Don’t forget to check back as I will always be adding and expanding…to the blog…not my waist!!!

Everything on this site will be all about making you the best “chef” that you can be. Whether that is becoming a chef at a five star restaurant or just being a chef in your own home hopefully every article that I write will help you along the way.

Happy Cooking!