Disadvantages Of Grilling Your Food

Disadvantages Of Grilling Your Food

Many people think grilling is a fun and enjoyable task. Grilling also helps to make the food that you cook healthier.

In fact, out of every 4 American households, at least 3 possess a grill. Yes, it is that much a part of us as Americans’ lives.

But, it seems like grilling is not as easy or fun as some people claim it to be. The job of grilling requires a lot of hard work, preparation, and some basic skills. There can be other disadvantages to grilling. Let’s dive into a few of those disadvantages.

Depending on your point of view, there are a few things that might be a disadvantage of grilling. 

Grilling can dry the food out faster if the grill is too hot and certain grills can be harmful to the environment as well. Grilling may take more time than regular cooking depending on the type of grill and what it takes for the grill to be ready. 

The bottom line is that you have to decide if the taste of the food and time it takes to grill is worth it for you.

From a fitness point of view

As mentioned above, grilling requires some basic skills. It is very important to know some basic things about the equipment you are working with. Why? Because overcooking is easy to do while grilling. We can all admit that charred or appropriately burnt meat can taste quite good, and it also packs lesser calories, but it is not good for our health. Not at all.

We also know that grills work at very high temperatures. But, when the intense heat of the grill meets the proteins of the meat, many potential carcinogens like heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are formed on the meat.

Also, the fat and marinade that drips off of the food, through the grates, and onto the charcoal, vaporizes and condenses on the food and gives it the characteristic smoky taste. But did you know this heavenly tasty char is somewhat unhealthy? Why? Due to the formation of advanced glycation end products, which can cause diabetes, heart trouble, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Just as how overcooked meat is harmful, so is undercooked meat. There are many cases where you get just the perfect crisp on the outside, but the meat is still raw. Such food is quite harmful to one’s health.

From an environmental point of view

A charcoal grill is the traditional choice for grilling. Though it provides us tasty food, it is highly harmful to the environment. We all know the combustion of charcoal gives rise to soot and smoke that pollute the air around us and can also affect our respiratory system and eyes. No one likes smoke in their eyes.

From an economical point of view

Nowadays, gas grills are quite a rage among everyone. They can be easily cleaned up after cooking, as compared to charcoal grills. But, the former is quite expensive. A decent gas grill can cost you about $300. So, even if it fills the hole in your stomach, it will create a big one in your pocket.

Infrared burners are a category of the gas grills. They are chosen because they provide direct heat to easily cook the meat on the grill. But, here’s the drawback, infrared grills are expensive and not easily portable due to their bulky weight. Plus, the portable ones are not suitable for regular use and small parties.

Also, they do not have an option for low-temperature regulation. So, they cannot be used for grilling vegetables and fish.

From a grilling point of view

Even if gas grills have many advantages over the conventional charcoal grills, people still use the latter even though they might have many disadvantages.

First of all, grilling (outdoor) can only be done during the summer season. If you do want to grill during other weathers, indoor grilling can be pretty hectic and messy because it will blacken the ceiling and the walls.

Also, the person assigned the job of grilling would not be able to enjoy anything else because the task requires a lot of constant attention. He/she would have to frequently turn the meat over to prevent burning or charring.

Charcoal grills take a lot of time and preparation to start working. You have to burn the charcoal till it is white-hot. Moreover, the smoke gets into your eyes and the food, making it unhealthy. The cleaning up when the grilling is over is equally as tiring. Charcoal leaves behind a lot of ash, which does not happen in the case of gas grills. Insufficient oxygen supply can also lead to the formation of soot on the meat.

Plus, you might want to have premium-quality meat for cooking just so your health is not at risk. Again, this is an added cost as this kind of meat is pretty expensive. So, imagine buying premium-quality meat and then burning it accidentally. Yes, this is what happens with most people except the ones who are skilled at grilling.

Because grilling increases the chances of something or the other catching fire, many apartments have a ban on it. Still, there have been many cases where a small fire caused by a grill led to the evacuation of residents of the entire building.

Also, grilled food cannot be successfully reheated and has to be served immediately. And if too much food is cooked together on the grill, all of it will have the same taste. The meat will not tenderize and will become hard and chewy. Then the question becomes what is the purpose of choosing different things?

When grilling has so many disadvantages, why do people still go for it? There are so many things that could ruin it all. The food or even you could get burnt very easily, the meat could still be raw or overcooked, the smoke could irritate your eyes, all the food could taste the same if cooked together, or soot could settle on the food. Now these are some of the things that happen. Also what if you get gastric cancer or diabetes or any serious heart problem after eating too much bad-quality grilled food?

Here are some suggestions that could solve the above-mentioned problems:

  • Marinate the food before-hand to reduce the formation of any chemicals on them while grilling.
  • Keep the food away from the smoke as much as possible.
  • Stay near the food and turn it over frequently.
  • Buy leaner meat like chicken or pork loin or lamb.
  • You can also eat low-fat cuts of other meats.
  • Remove the skin of the chicken before grilling.
  • Add spices and marinades, instead of artificial things.
  • Do not overcook or undercook the food at any cost.


Everything has pros and cons. It is important not to ignore the cons while attempting to grill, especially, when they have the potential to deteriorate our health. After all, health is important. Use your grill wisely and do research on anything you are not sure of. And as always, Be Safe and Have Fun!

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