Can Melted Ice Cream Be Refrozen?

Can Melted Ice Cream Be Refrozen?

It is a known fact that everyone loves ice cream, particularly in summertime. This is because of the cooling effect ice cream provides to the person eating it. Also, ice cream comes in different flavors, which helps to keep different types of people interested. Due to excessive heat in the environment, the ice cream may melt into a liquid form. 

While some people do like to have such melted ice cream, others do not like their ice cream melted. The second category of people wants the ice cream to be refrozen. This is because they believe that ice cream tastes best in frozen form. 

The solid form of the ice cream is the best thing as compared to the liquid form for some people. So, the question that arises is – should we refreeze the ice cream, which has melted to obtain the solid form. This is an important question because it must be answered by the science involved in the background. This science will  suggest whether it is okay to eat refrozen ice cream.

Can melted ice cream be refrozen?

Although there are many differing opinions on if it is best to refreeze melted ice cream, it all comes down to personal opinion on the taste and texture of that ice cream. If a change in texture does not bother you, then by all means, refreeze to enjoy at another time. If you prefer your ice cream to be in its original texture and not changed, then we recommend that you do not refreeze your ice cream.

How to refreeze ice cream

It is believed that putting the melted ice cream back in cooler temperatures is the easiest way to refreeze melted ice cream. This is because the freezing of ice cream is an exothermic process and so it requires a temperature of thirty-two degree Fahrenheit or less than that. All this is to be done at atmospheric pressure, which is at standard. Therefore, scientifically it is possible to refreeze melted ice cream.

Should you refreeze melted ice cream?

Now we need to talk about if the melted ice cream should be refrozen. Is it really good to refreeze the ice cream that has already melted? When the ice cream is churned, a bit of air is put into it, this helps in keeping the ice cream fresh. Freshness in the ice cream is what people usually like about it. But when the melted ice cream is refrozen, this air goes away and usually results in the formation of bad quality ice cream. So this ice cream would then require a churning again to put the air back into the ice cream to create the correct texture.. 

Moreover, when the ice cream is originally made, small and uniform crystals of ice cream are formed. This provides a smooth and good-looking texture to the ice cream. But when the melted ice cream is refrozen, these crystals become big in size. As a result of this, the uniformity and the pleasant texture of ice cream are lost. Ice cream lovers normally try to  avoid this.

Another point is that ice cream originally contains fats and some moisture. This is lost as well when the melted ice cream is refrozen. This is because the walls of cells are broken down as a result of when the moisture is lost. 

Change in the appearance of ice cream

When the melted ice cream is refrozen, the appearance of the ice cream changes drastically. The molecules of the ice cream were originally a smaller size. But after the melted ice cream is put into the freezer, all of the molecules become large in size. This usually results in a change in the texture of the ice cream. The upper surface of the ice cream becomes uneven or unorganized. This leads to a change in the appearance of the ice cream as well. 

Change in taste of ice cream

The taste of the ice cream changes quite a lot when the melted ice cream is refrozen. This is due to the changes in the composition of the ice cream. Since the molecules and crystals of ice cream become uneven, the taste of the ice cream, which is refrozen, changes. The ice cream does not taste as the one, which was originally made or originally bought. Another reason for this is that ice cream, when acted upon by bacteria, can decompose. This leads to a bad taste of the ice cream. Moreover, if the ice cream is kept out in the sun, there can be some reactions as a result of which the ice cream may not taste that good. Also, it may not be fit to eat then.

Is it safe to refreeze melted ice cream?

We need to consider the safety aspect when we see whether melting ice cream can be refrozen. When we leave our ice cream at room temperature for a longer period of time that is at a warm temperature then it is not good. This is because leaving the ice cream out for a longer duration of time results in the attack on the ice cream by bacteria. People may think that ice cream may attract bacteria at the time of original freezin,. But it is instantaneously put into the refrigerator. So, it is only when the melted ice cream is kept in warmer temperatures that the growth of bacteria is possible. We may say to eat the ice cream before it melts for that reason.

Specific bacteria like Listeria may grow on the surface of such ice cream. These bacteria generally grow in freezers at the time when melted ice cream is refrozen. Such bacteria are quite bad for your health. People who consume this refrozen ice cream may get severe illnesses. 


Coming to the conclusion of this important topic, it is significant to note that we must be cautious about what we are eating. It is our life and it is our decision as to what is to be done with regard to things around us. 

It is not just about ice cream, but in general, we must be quite careful when we consume some food items. Ice cream is considered as a dessert to be consumed after the main course of the meal is over, but there are times when this ice cream is left sitting out, while we enjoy our time together. Later on, we may refreeze the ice cream for future use. Just know that the taste and texture of the ice cream can change quite a lot. Please be safe when eating ice cream that has been sitting out for a long period of time and then refrozen. And as always, Have Fun and Be Safe!!

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