Are Freezer Bags Airtight?

Are Freezer Bags Airtight?

Freezer bags have become the most common and the most important part of the kitchen when it comes to storing food. Nowadays people buy a lot of extra food just in case more is needed in an emergency. But then they come across various problems that occur during the storage of food in the freezer. 

If food is not stored properly it may spill all over the place and even inside the freezer or it may go bad and the texture and taste may change accordingly, but freezer bags save you from all these troubles. They can store various types of food and keep the food fresh for a considerable period of time. 

Freezer bags are easy to handle and are very cost-effective. You can find them in many kitchens all across the USA but many people don’t know whether freezer bags are actually air tight. 

So, are freezer bags airtight? 

Freezer bags are in general airtight as long as you don’t put too much food inside of them that would cause them to pop open. Some freezer bags will stay closed easier such as the ones with zippers on them instead of the normal seal. 

If you put too much food or liquid inside of a freezer bag instead of it being airtight you will have difficult closing it. Also if you use cheaper bags then they will not close or stay closed as easily as the more expensive ones that have actual zippers on the top that you zip close. 

You have to be careful to choose the right size and brand of bags because if you choose the cheaper option it can cost you more money in the long run if the bags don’t seal properly. 

In the rest of this article we will dive a little bit deeper into the usage of freezer bags as well as some tips and tricks for making sure you use them properly. 

 If you want to learn how to seal food air free without a vacuum sealer then you will want to watch the video below. 

Freezer bags vs. zip-lock bags

The most common reason for choosing freezer bags over the regular zip-lock bags is very simple. The freezer bags which we use for storing foods are designed specially to store food for a longer period of time. 

They are made of a material which is thicker than the material of regular zip-lock bags. Freezer bags are airtight and do not allow any air to pass through them once they are locked. If the air was to enter the bag due to any reason it would defeat the whole purpose of storing food in the freezer bag. If air gets to your food then it will quickly get freezer burned and will become worthless.  

Freezer bags block the air from reaching the food and keep the food fresh for a longer period of time. 

Also one of the important reasons why freezer bags should be used is because they do not allow freezer burn whereas the normal bags can. However both of these bags may look similar but there are details that you should surely look into when purchasing your freezer bags.

Tips and tricks to use freezer bags for storing food

Many people will  buy extra food or cook a large meal and have some leftovers. Obviously you would not want to waste that extra food or have it go bad. There is one quick solution to this problem. Yes, the solution to all the problems of extra cooked meals and mass buying of products is freezer bags. 

 Freezer bags have got your back!

If you have made an extra meal with the intention of storing it for future use, it is a good idea to separate the food you want to freeze before you eat. Place that part of the food in a freezer bag and store it in the freezer. This will help the food taste better and will prevent it from being contaminated before freezing. 

You should put food into freezer bags instead of storage bags as they are more likely to keep your food fresh for a longer duration as they are thicker than storage bags are. 

Bringing the food you are about to freeze to room temperature before storing it in freezer bags is a good idea. If you put food into the freezer bags when it is too hot it could cause the bags to not seal properly or stay sealed.

Do not bring putrescible food to room temperature as bacteria may grow and destroy the food completely before it ever gets put into the freezer. 

You should not try cooking the food in a freezer bag under any conditions. If using a microwave or oven always remove the food from the bags and then cook. Cooking it in the freezer bags may lead to contaminated food.

Various other uses of freezer bags

Apart from storing food, freezer bags can be used for so much more than you can imagine. The uses of freezer bags are not just for storing food. Some other uses for freezer bags are:

  • Freezer bags can be used as a mixing bowl as well. You just have to put the ingredients in the freezer bag, lock it tight, and shake shake shake! Your mixture will now be ready!
  • Freezer bags can also be used as an alternative to hand gloves in the kitchen. If you run out of hand gloves and need something immediately just simply use a freezer bag. Being made of a thick material it will do the job for you.
  • Freezer bags can also be used to store ice cream and keep the ice cream’s texture smooth as no air can get to it. Often your ice cream can become rock hard if it is placed directly into the freezer. Using a freezer bag may solve this problem for you.
  • They can be used to crush candies and biscuits that may be required in baking. They can also be used for piping frosting over baked items just by cutting an edge off the bag.
  • Apart from these uses of freezer bags in the kitchen, they can also be used to take food along with you anywhere you may have to go. It may be difficult to transfer liquids when you are traveling but as the freezer bags are airtight they can be used anytime without giving it a second thought. They are also useful to prevent spilling.
  • Another use for freezer bags is  using them to grow saplings from seeds during the initial stages of germination as they can provide the optimal temperature and air conditions for the growth of the plants.


There are endless features of freezer bags. Many things are made easier with the use of freezer bags and not just freezing things either! 

With the air locking quality of these bags everything has now become very easy. They are an all-round solution to all your storage problems and might even work as a remedy in your household problems. You just have to see where you can use the freezer bags and in what way. 

Store your food, take it with you, use it in household activities and many more and just a few of the possible things you can do with your freezer bags. 

Freezer bags are the optimal solution and don’t forget they are airtight too!

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